things i learnt while in Switzerland

I have visited Switzerland twice and if anyone offered me to go there one more time, I wouldn’t hesitate. It‘s impossible to get enough of this country. It has so much to offer – modern cities, old castles, nature. The society here is also phenomenal . It‘s hard to find another country where people are so friendly, polite and happy.

Visiting Switzerland takes you to another state of mind. This world is very different. It might be weird and uncomfortable at first, but you get used to the exoticism and start to compare your life to the lives of people in this country. You start to see all the good qualities that you could also have as a person.

The nature here is hardly narratable. It‘s calming and fascinating. How can such complex systems and creatures exist? How much we don‘t know about nature? How much is there yet to be discovered? How is life created? Probably just rhetorical questions.


Here are little things that I learnt for sure while visiting Switzerland and being overwhelmed by its beauty.


We are small. Our problems are small. Nature is big.

It‘s possible to get tired from smiling. If that happens, it means you usually don‘t smile enough.

If ever feeling down, go to the mountains.

If ever feeling energized, go to the mountains.

It doesn’t matter how you feel, just go to the mountains.

It‘s possible to keep the cities clean and crime rates low. It‘s not about the government, it‘s about the state of mind and morality.

We have more than we realize. We have the whole world. We have seas, skies, forests, rivers, mountains and stars and soon we‘ll be gone and won‘t have all these things but we still keep on concentrating on the dull rocks beneath our shoes.

Complaining is easier than being thankful and feeling fulfilled. Being thankful with no exceptions is actually really difficult.

Silence can speak.


Just go to Switzerland. You‘ll understand.


My video from Switzerland:


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