the glorification of being busy

busy street. Kurgon.


A watch on the wrist, a phone in the hand and a planner with pages filled with never ending tasks and appointments. This is the busy person – the one whose next month is already scheduled, the one who can hardly be seen around because of all the different places that they have their appointments in, the one who is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Cool, right, who doesn’t want to be important and busy? But do being squeezed into time schedules and never having enough time really bring all the dreams to real life?

the addiction of always working

I have always thought that I can reach my dreams only by working really hard. I still believe in this. But I have misunderstood the difference between working really hard and damaging yourself by working. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of reaching your dreams. Working extra hours, keeping your head busy, thinking of new concepts, catching new ideas even when you’re on a holiday trip or a family celebration is addictive – everything seems to push you a bit closer to your goals, make you a bit better. It’s hard to stop, especially if you like what you’re working on. You start to plan every hour of your day, you wonder if you’ll be able to do everything on time but you’re quick to mute these doubts by reminding yourself that the more tasks you take up, the more productive your day will be. Keeping yourself busy creates an illusion that the distance parting you from your dreams is becoming smaller and smaller and that it will completely disappear soon. But the thing is, that sometimes this is just an illusion and you are only tricking your own mind instead of actually getting things done.

city chaos. Kurgon.

it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality

Working on a lot of different projects and keeping up with a lot of different public events at the same time makes you feel like a great multitasker. I know from my own experience that this chaos is not taking you anywhere. When you work on many different things you don’t make a good progress because redirecting your mind and focusing on the different idea, getting into the different working pace and then switching back again take some time. In the end, you have a lot of things in progress and not much done. Don’t think that your abilities are beyond human nature. You can’t do everything. Working hard does not mean working on as much as you can, it means working as good as you can on certain things. It’s nicer to have a few projects done greatly than many unfinished chaotic ones. Concentrate on your most important tasks and don’t let anything to distract you from them.

do your best but know your limits

As I said, I still think that I can reach my dreams only by working and working really hard. Being busy all the time makes you feel like your business is the most important and you’re the busiest – the one that everyone is jealous and a bit afraid of. But this is just the idea of you, it doesn’t take you anywhere. You get less sleep, worse food, treat your body worse and while you’re being everywhere, meeting everyone and doing everything you possibly can, you’re not working on the most important things. Sometimes you need to choose and remember why you’re doing this. I am learning to do my job as good as I possibly can and to sometimes say no. It always seems that this opportunity is temporal and you have to use it. But sometimes it’s not as amazing as it seems from the first sight and sometimes letting yourself to relax and clean your mind is way more amazing. So the next time a get an opportunity to make another photoshoot or go to one more exhibition opening party I’ll think twice what’s best for me. I hope I’ll understand that sometimes it’s way better to stay at home and have a cup of tea while reading a book.


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  1. I saw a sign the other day that said, “Stop the glorification of busy .” Five simple words, but when strung together I was struck by the weight of what it said. I couldn’t help but wonder when our culture became obsessed with and found so much value in being busy .

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