photo diary: Paris

Paris is a magical place, no doubt. Probably one of the most talked about cities and, for sure, the most romantic one. Every time I visit Paris it surprises me with new emotions, vibes, impressions. Every day is different in this city and every each of them is great. Everyone should visit Paris at least once in their lifetime.

This time I visited Paris in autumn and it greeted me with colorful leaves and sunshine. It was magical to breathe the cold air but at the same time it was warm. And pretty, like always.

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I‘m glad to see you here. You have found my blog “Kurgon”. It’s a place that I have created with an intension to share things that I care about the most – art and creativity. Music, paintings, photography, literature, filmmaking are things that hold a big part of my soul. But the fun beats, pretty colors and beautiful images are not the reason why I care about art so much. Art is a way to communicate with people, it helps them to express their feelings and thoughts in a way that simple everyday conversations will never be able to. Sometimes simple words are not enough. Or too much. That’s when art comes to help.

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