Luize art: calming down while drawing dreamy rose shaded portraits

photo above – a self-portrait.

Today I’m excited to share with you an interview with a very interesting young artist. Luize is a sixteen years old girl from Latvia and she creates gorgeous portraits. We had a conversation about the creative life as a struggling teenager, finding your own way and inspiration, discussed how art can be not only a way of expressing yourself but also a form of therapy.

Here is the interview with Luize.

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Žilvinas Kempinas. modern art is important and understandable

modern art taken simply

I want to talk about modern art as a simple human with no special artistic background. There are many people saying that art has become a nonsense and only a waste of money. People say it is stupid and meaningless, very often just some random objects carrying a message that no one can understand or even no message at all. It is debatable. Yes, sometimes art is more about money than about thoughts and feelings but in these cases you can feel that this is not real art. It just doesn’t feel right. I can’t describe what real art is, no one can probably, but I can assure that if your five year old is able to do the same it doesn’t mean that this thing is not art.

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february playlist

Every month for me has a specific feeling. You can feel the change of seasons in Lithuania very well and even every month is somehow different. And it’s not enough to describe them as just warm or rainy. February for me means silence and calmness; the feeling of cold air flowing into the room through an open window and leaving you feeling fresh and clean; the sound of water dripping when the snow is melting; the small rays of sunshine. Even though it’s quite dirty outside in February, it leaves me feeling cleaner, fresher and ready for spring. It’s a nice feeling and I think it can be expressed the best through music.

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how to improve your photography skills. thinking photography.

Photography is a great way to express yourself – it is fun, it is interesting and it’s accessible to almost every each of us. If you haven’t tried to take some more interesting photos than just your meal for your Instagram, you really should. Maybe photography will become your hobby. And if it has already become your hobby, you probably are wondering how to become better at it and take better photos. You can find a lot of information about the technical side of photography on the Internet, but today I want to point out some ways to change your thinking in order to improve your photography skills.

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why is it important to create?

A human being has a huge power, a power that quite often is used not where it should be. We have the power to create and the power to destroy and yet we quite often choose the latter. Of course, to destroy is easier than to create and smashing some plates when you‘re feeling down might seem like a good way to release the negativity but this has only a temporary effect on your emotions. Creating requires more effort than destroying but it also can heal you better and leave you with some deeper thoughts, ideas and realizations. Even if you think that you can’t draw, you’re bad at rhyming or don’t know anything about the composition rules, you still should create. Art has the power to heal, inspire, give hope and give birth to ideas. And ideas are what controls every human being.

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