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Winter passed really fast for me this year. It‘s weird because I‘m used to the miserable longing for spring. This year I just blinked and the spring is already here. New month, new music playlist suiting the mood of fresh, hopeful, excited feeling with a taste of melancholy caused by the snow that hasn’t melted yet.

Glass in the Park by Alex Turner represents the peace and calmness that I feel in March, the feeling that you get when you know that everything is going to be okay, for sure. Maggie Rogers and Youth Lagoon also have some kind of a stability, “everything’s going to be fine” and carelessness vibe. Pavasaris (“Spring”) by Abudu (a young Lithuanian band with a lot of potential) is the song that means spring not just by its title but also by its fresh, comforting, reverberant feeling. Couldn’t not include Love by Lana del Rey. I got really excited when this song came out and its vintage style is also somehow awakening. I have tickets to Bastille concert soon and love their music. I’m sure that I will be listening to even older songs by them constantly in March. Pork Soda by Glass Animals is something more fun and energetic. Then, the 1975, can’t get enough of them. I recently found their older music and got obsessed with Wolves. Finally, Tom Rosenthal – his music is perfect for every season, but during the orange, warm spring evenings it feels especially good.

Basically, these are the songs perfect for waking up, in every sense of the word – exactly what we need when the nature is blooming.

Enjoy and let me know what songs are in your playlist.

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