kissi ussuki: I focus on simple shapes and pretty color combinations.

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To send a message through simple shapes and a couple of different colors is way more difficult than doing this with huge detailed and complicated projects. Reflecting complex ideas through primal forms is the great form of art. Simple is genius. And Justė (27) (kissi ussuki) is a creator who sends her messages through this great form of art.

Here is an interview with her.


Tell about yourself. What’s your name, how old are you, where are you from and what are you doing?

I’m Justė, a 27-year-old based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I draw, take photos, do graphic design as well as some art direction from time to time.

How did you start creating art? How would you describe your creative journey from the start until now (was it difficult and full of struggles or maybe natural and easy, etc.)?

I’ve been drawing since I was three or four, my grandma would bring me empty ledgers from work which I used as my sketchbooks for drawing girls in various dresses. Then in high school, I went through a phase of copying the landscapes of Impressionist painters such as Sisley and Monet. That looks funny now. After school, I decided to leave all the creative stuff as my hobby and study something ‘serious’. It didn’t really work out and I came back to what I love doing the most which is creating things.


How have you developed your style? Do you have any tips for artists who are struggling to find their own style?

I just went and bought my favorite paint which was (and still is) pink, purple and turquoise and started drawing faces and absurd things. I was never really into small details or academic drawing so I ended up focusing on simple shapes and pretty color combinations.

My friend once gave me this tip which is to look at artists that I like and look at how they make things and who/what they are inspired by. Basically, read, research and just try out loads of things. Finding your own style is not a final destination, the way you create will inevitably change throughout the years and that’s OK.


Not Talking

What inspires you the most?

That’s going to sound pretty standard but I get inspired by people (strangers and friends), my inner frustrations, movies, colors around me and weather (too often, actually).

Describe your creative process.

Usually, the ideas come flashing randomly in my head and/or at the last minute and I have to put them down in my sketchbook first. That’s an essential step. Later, if it’s a bigger project like album artwork, I do quite a lot of mood-boarding and researching. Then procrastinate a bit and then get down to work.

Pastel portrait

What are your plans for the future?

I want to do so many things! Like making a short and saucy animation video about people at the beach or drawing a mural in my hometown. But realistically in the near future I’ll make some T-shirts with my drawings and set up an online store.

What are your favorite musicians/bands at the moment? Which song is the most played one on your playlist?

I’m a little bit late to jump on the bandwagon but just a few days ago I started really digging Frank Ocean’s ‘Blond’. Recently ABBA has been giving me a good energy boost for drawing at night. Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins deserve a special mention here too.

It’s really hard to choose one song, but let’s say it’s this monotonous Julianna Barwick’s track called ‘See, Know’.

Many people think that the life of an artist is romantic and fun. From your personal experience, is that true?

Just like any other profession, it has ups and downs. I think any job/life can be fun if you do what makes you happy.

Buildings in the Rain

Have you ever felt insecure about sharing your work, scared of what people would think about it? Do you think that anxiety and this kind of fear are unavoidable in the life of an artist?

Yes, I have. Especially when I started putting out my drawings on social media. I still do have those ‘what if _____ doesn’t like it’ thoughts but way less than five years ago thanks to the support from my friends and the experience I got. A lot of people overthink too much and it’s not necessarily the thing that only artists do. What really helps is to ask yourself what would be the worst thing that could happen and in most cases, the answer is ‘nothing’.

Beauty Standards



Do you think that every person is destined to create? Why/why not?

Hm, that’s a difficult question. Can I just say that I believe that everyone can be creative in their own way?

You can find more of Justė’s work here:




Thanks again, Justė, for this interesting meeting!



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