internet treasures #1


I am happy to have the internet (who isn’t?) – it gives me the access to so many beautiful and inspirational things. I find inspiration all around me, in nature, books and films, other people, but the internet helps me to find things that are not in my surroundings. Here are the things that inspired me the most recently.


“Coda” is a short animated film made in 2013 and I’m learning about it only now. These nine minutes directed by Alan Holly are really worth your attention. Gorgeous animation, coloring, sound design, and story will take your breath away.

A drunk soul leaves its drunk body and goes on a journey together with Death. And she shows him life.

A story that is sad and beautiful at the same time. A story that rolls only nine minutes but covers the whole lifetime.


The photography of Cody Cobb is breathtaking. His work is a big inspiration to me. Soft photos that carry a feeling of loneliness and emptiness, they bring a fresh feeling of standing in front of the whole world alone. If a photo is able to bring such a strong feeling, it is more than just a picture, it is art that has an eternal value. And words are weak compared to the photos themselves, so check out the work of Cody Cobb on his website or instagram.




Art has a huge power to change and impact the minds of people. It’s important to use it properly. Nowadays, in the world still full of racism, sexism, mental health stigma, homophobia, transphobia we have to fight these problems in every possible way. Art is one of the tools. “Button Poetry” is a community of poets who talk and spread the important messages covering the modern world issues. The poems are strong and impressive, I love that the creators write not only about the pretty, “poetic” feelings but also about the “uglier” (as the society sees it) side of people, they cover the topics of rape, self-love and hate, family relationships, mental health, race, violence and many other. Also, the form of the poetry is impressively powerful and engaging.


What has inspired you recently?

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