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We are able to achieve our goals only if we concentrate and work hard. But it’s impossible to keep going all the time and never get tired. We all do get tired eventually, no matter, whether we’re lazy people or perfectionists. It’s human to have artist blocks or lack energy and desire to work. Here is where motivation is what we need the most. Here are some tips on how to become and stay motivated and do our bests in the projects that we don’t want to fail.

set a lot of small goals

Sometimes having huge goals that take a lot of work and a long period of time might be scary because this kind of goals seem to be so big and far away. The amount of work separating you from achieving the dream may be frightening. That’s why it’s important to set a lot of tiny goals. Little achievements that you reach every day will make you feel better about yourself, stronger and you will have things done without putting too much pressure on yourself. Set a goal to write two pages of your novel, don’t stress about the rest one hundred pages left. Set a goal to edit a few photos, forget about the huge portfolio that you need to create for a minute. Clean your room without thinking about the rest of the house that needs cleaning too. You will get these big things done eventually and you don’t have to stress about them all the time. Crossing out the little things on your to-do list will keep you calm and happy and you’ll also have things done. Without awarding yourself with this kind of small success you will get tired really soon.

have a couple of big goals

Setting small goals every day is very important but having bigger, long-term goals is also crucial. It’s important to not be too hard on yourself (that’s why you need the little goals) but you also have to know where you’re headed to. You may work on some less important stuff today but remember your biggest goals and know that tomorrow you’ll need to work on them. The dream that isn’t scary and big is not the true dream. So, if you want to reach your biggest desires and dreams, don’t forget about them and remember to push forwards them from time to time. Keep in mind your big goals but see what’s going on around you at the moment. Just like driving, concentrate on the turns and the road in front of you but move towards your final destination.

Railway. Kurgon.

don’t tell everything to everyone

There are things that you might want to keep to yourself and there are things that you might want to shout about to the whole world. Know the difference. When you get some things done and feel proud of yourself don’t be afraid to boast about it. Other people will feel happy about you too. But there also are situations where you have a plan or idea that is just an idea yet but you are so excited about it that it’s hard to keep quiet. I know the desire to tell about your new ideas to everyone but in this case, it’s safer to keep them to yourself and talk about them only when you’ve already got something done or achieved this goal. Telling people about your dreams and hopes will reduce the possibility for you to actually reach them. Keep quiet and wait until the moment when you can show everyone the amazing stuff that you’ve done and created. This will make a bigger impact on others – they won’t be expecting anything from you and you’ll blow their minds. That’s what’s going to keep you motivated – preparing for the moment when you’re going to amaze everyone with the great job that you’ve done without them knowing. This does not apply to every situation. For example, you may need help and support from other people, in these cases you just have to ask for it. But in many cases doing what you’ve got to do and working as hard as you can without wasting your time talking and explaining is the best way to reach your goals.

stay open

Don’t give up on your current project just because you’ve found a more fun and easier way to do it but do keep in mind new ideas. Don’t isolate yourself from the new possibilities. You might start working on something new while you still haven’t reached your older goal. Maybe on the way you’ll find out which one is better for you, maybe these both things are amazing and worth working on. Give yourself a day free and explore, not necessarily looking for new work ideas but just to clear your mind and get some fresh air. While you’re driving to your main destination you’re concentrating on the turns and the road, you are also passing the amazing fields and mountains so even though they are not where you’re headed to, you still can look around and enjoy the view.

don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t be afraid to dream big

These are the ways that help me to stay motivated and always have something to work on. But I’m not saying that I work all the time or intend to. We all get tired and it’s natural. We need to give ourselves a break from time to time and rest a bit in order to get up tomorrow with new energy and desire to work on our beautiful and big dreams.

How do you stay motivated? Tell in the comments below.

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