Domestic Documentary #1: Gvidas Bindokas

Gvidas Bindokas Kurgon.

Every young skater used to crave to be a part of Gvidas’ videos and to see the third part of one of his videos, “Trip to Joniskis”. Today Gvidas, whose skating videos used to receive thousands of views a few years ago, has a new path. He creates: Gvidas still makes videos but now they are different, he plays the guitar, shoots photos on film, sometimes goes hitchhiking somewhere in Balkans and loves Vilnius. Also, as he said, he creates posts for Instagram.

Gvidas told me about his traveling and gave out the secret of reaching one’s dreams.

Domestic Documentary is a microproject in which I will be trying to reflect at least a little bit of creating Lithuania’s youth’s life. Here is the first part of this microproject. We tried to talk seriously about life but it didn’t turn out very serious.


English subtitles coming soon.

Gvidas’ social media accounts:

instagram: @gvidokas

youtube: gvidokas

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