the glorification of being busy

busy street. Kurgon.


A watch on the wrist, a phone in the hand and a planner with pages filled with never ending tasks and appointments. This is the busy person – the one whose next month is already scheduled, the one who can hardly be seen around because of all the different places that they have their appointments in, the one who is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Cool, right, who doesn’t want to be important and busy? But do being squeezed into time schedules and never having enough time really bring all the dreams to real life?

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why you should start journaling if you haven’t yet

journaling. Kurgon


I have kept a journal for three years already. I thought that I would give it up soon but now I see that it’s a great habit and I won’t stop journaling anytime soon. A journal or a diary if you would like to call it so has been my handiest tool in understanding myself, other people and the world in general. Here are some main reasons why you should also try journaling or not stop doing it if you have already started. And some pages from my journals.

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how to become and stay motivated


We are able to achieve our goals only if we concentrate and work hard. But it’s impossible to keep going all the time and never get tired. We all do get tired eventually, no matter, whether we’re lazy people or perfectionists. It’s human to have artist blocks or lack energy and desire to work. Here is where motivation is what we need the most. Here are some tips on how to become and stay motivated and do our bests in the projects that we don’t want to fail.

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what it’s like to be a teenager artist

On this blog, I am trying to reflect the life and struggles of a creating human being. This topic is probably never ending because the artist changes together with the world. But what I feel is less talked about is the teenager artists and what it‘s like to be one. Here is some of my own experience.

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