analog photography: Smena 8M guide

smena 8m - 1


Smena 8M cameras by Lomo were produced in the Soviet Union during the 70s-90s. This camera was made for beginners in photography, so it’s quite simple – it has manual shutter speed, aperture, and focus. But at the same time, it’s not very easy to use for people who are used to taking photos in auto mode. Focusing might be especially difficult, for you can’t see through the viewfinder whether the view is in focus. But it wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t a bit challenging.

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how to improve your photography skills. thinking photography.

Photography is a great way to express yourself – it is fun, it is interesting and it’s accessible to almost every each of us. If you haven’t tried to take some more interesting photos than just your meal for your Instagram, you really should. Maybe photography will become your hobby. And if it has already become your hobby, you probably are wondering how to become better at it and take better photos. You can find a lot of information about the technical side of photography on the Internet, but today I want to point out some ways to change your thinking in order to improve your photography skills.

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photo diary: Paris

Paris is a magical place, no doubt. Probably one of the most talked about cities and, for sure, the most romantic one. Every time I visit Paris it surprises me with new emotions, vibes, impressions. Every day is different in this city and every each of them is great. Everyone should visit Paris at least once in their lifetime.

This time I visited Paris in autumn and it greeted me with colorful leaves and sunshine. It was magical to breathe the cold air but at the same time it was warm. And pretty, like always.

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