Domestic Documentary #1: Gvidas Bindokas

Gvidas Bindokas Kurgon.

Every young skater used to crave to be a part of Gvidas’ videos and to see the third part of one of his videos, “Trip to Joniskis”. Today Gvidas, whose skating videos used to receive thousands of views a few years ago, has a new path. He creates: Gvidas still makes videos but now they are different, he plays the guitar, shoots photos on film, sometimes goes hitchhiking somewhere in Balkans and loves Vilnius. Also, as he said, he creates posts for Instagram.

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kissi ussuki: I focus on simple shapes and pretty color combinations.

justesmwhr Kurgon.


To send a message through simple shapes and a couple of different colors is way more difficult than doing this with huge detailed and complicated projects. Reflecting complex ideas through primal forms is the great form of art. Simple is genius. And Justė (27) (kissi ussuki) is a creator who sends her messages through this great form of art.

Here is an interview with her.

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Luize art: calming down while drawing dreamy rose shaded portraits

photo above – a self-portrait.

Today I’m excited to share with you an interview with a very interesting young artist. Luize is a sixteen years old girl from Latvia and she creates gorgeous portraits. We had a conversation about the creative life as a struggling teenager, finding your own way and inspiration, discussed how art can be not only a way of expressing yourself but also a form of therapy.

Here is the interview with Luize.

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